About outdoor wall washing lamps line lamps,How long can the lamps be used after two years' warranty?

Many outdoor lighting manufacturers on the market have product quality assurance, that is, poor products all say their quality assurance for two years or even three years or five years, so we can't simply judge the quality of products by this. LED line lights have a warranty period, the common is two years. For outdoor lighting products, years of work in the outdoors, affected by a variety of harsh environmental factors, then the LED line lamp warranty after two years can be used for how long?


For LED line light manufacturers, LED line light warranty for two years is a warranty replacement period, more than two years of lifetime cost maintenance. The requirement for product quality is very low damage rate or even no damage in two years. If the construction quality is good, it will be longer. At present, many of our engineering cases have been more than 3 years, the effect is still the same, and the actual use of 3 years and 6 years have no big problem.


However, many manufacturers say that the warranty is 3 years and 5 years, or bad one for one, it seems that the customer is satisfied. But the product quality is very poor, the probability of bad products is very high, frequent maintenance and round-trip, affect the overall use, the effect is not good. Therefore, how to choose LED line light products on the project, it is more important to look at the LED line light process and quality standards is how, how to see the manufacturer's after-sales service, rather than look at the length of product warranty, no quality assurance products longer warranty period is empty talk.



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