Do not know what specifications to choose LED high power wall washing lamp, how to do?

LED high-power wall washing lights are widely used in various types of LED building lighting projects. And many customers still do not understand LED wall washing lights, do not know what specifications to choose LED high-power wall washing lights, then how to do? So let's just briefly show you how to do that.


LED wall wash lamp has four main parameters, color temperature, power, luminous Angle, working voltage.


Color temperature is the luminous color of LED wall washing lamp, which is generally golden light, warm white light, white light, and full color, which should be determined according to the design;


And the power is conventional 18W, 24W, 36W, a little larger 72W, this should be determined according to the luminous height, the general 18W irradiation 1-3 meters, 24W irradiation 2-4 meters, 36W irradiation 3-5 meters, this is a better irradiation range, of course, further point also have peripheral light;


The luminous Angle is 30°, 60°, 10*60°, which also affects the luminous height and luminous range;

The working voltage is generally DC24V and AC220V. The current engineering requirements are mostly DC24V safe voltage, but some installation locations are more difficult to wire, and AC220V wall wash lamp will be selected.

For a large lighting project, the parameters, design, wiring and installation of lamps and lanterns have a professional engineering company to provide a set of parameters and specifications. And for some small projects, professional lamp manufacturers can also provide lamp schemes according to the renderings.


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